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hlp group high efficient Twin Screw Pump

The product range of hlp group exist of 2 categories:

  1. Own brand and production of pumps and pump systems / packages
  2. Packaging of pumps and pump systems with another brand

1. Own product
The own engineered product of hlp group is based on the two spindle screw pump.
Every pump solutions is created from scratch to suite the customers’ requirements.
We produce and assemble the single pump or complete pump package in-house.

2. Other pump technology
If the customers requires another pump solution than a two spindle screw.
We will design this solution with the most suitable pump principle.
The pump part will be supplied by one of our partners and we will assemble and test the complete pump package / pump skid.

In the product overviews, you will find more information about each solution.

hlp group product range

hlp group _ pump solutions